The sights and sounds of Africa fill the air when Paschal Yao Younge, a multi-talented musician, performs/teaches world percussion music and dance forms internationally, focusing on styles from Africa or the African Diaspora. Paschal has shared the stage with many international performing artists and groups such as: Ju Percussion, Nexus, Azaguno, Percussion Ensemble Chung Ang, Cie Cameleon, Abbos Group, Satriya Budaya, Global Rhythms World Music Ensemble, Micheal Burritt, Glen Velez, Tomoyuki Okada, Halim El-dabh, Akin Euba, Choi Jong Sil, Thomas Lang, Tomohiro Yahiro, Dudu Tucci, Liam Teague, Lalo Davila, Shrinivas Krishnan, Tony Royster, and others from and others from Sweden, Italy, Cuba, Costa Rica, Spain, Argentina, Portugal, South Africa, Poland, Slovenia, Uruguay, and China. 

Dr. Paschal Yao Younge, Associate Professor of Multicultural Music Education is the Director of Annual International Summer Program in African Interdisciplinary Arts and co-Artistic Director of the African Ensemble at Ohio University. Younge served as the Chairman of the World Percussion Committee of Percussive Arts Society (PAS) 2004-2007) and also directs, Azaguno, a multi-ethnic ensemble that focuses on research, preservation and performance of African, African American, Caribbean and Latin American Music and Dance Styles. Azaguno represented the United States at the Opening Ceremony of the 2002 World Soccer Cup competition in Seoul, South Korea. Prior to coming to Ohio University, he taught at West Virginia University where he served as Director of the World Music Center and African Music Studies and also at University of Ghana, where he was Principal Music Instructor and Director of several ensembles including brass bands, choirs and other instrumental groups. Younge offers pertinent experience in teaching and coordinating in the areas of intercultural and interdisciplinary performance, advising and supervising of creative work at the university level, directing productions, participation in public programming and outreach, and designing and developing sub-Saharan African, African American, Asian, Caribbean, Latin and other world fine arts curricula.

As a full-time Associate Professor of Music, his responsibilities include the development and teaching of courses in world music including African, Caribbean and Latino music through the multicultural and interdisciplinary approach for undergraduate and graduate music and non-music majors; develop and contribute to the teaching of general education courses linked with the African Studies program; develop and teach world music units in existing undergraduate/graduate courses to meet the School of Music-NASM curricular requirements; and direct the African Drumming and Dance Ensemble in conjunction with the School of Dance.. In addition, he directs an international annual summer African Culture through the Arts Program in Africa-Ghana and Cuba.

Paschal was born at Dzodze, a village in the Volta Region of Ghana to Augustine and Catherine Younge, both musicians. His parents introduced him to western and traditional Ghanaian musical instruments at an early age of 3. It was no surprise that by age 8, Paschal had learned to play the organ and violin, accompanied the church choir with traditional African instruments and also participated in community cultural groups. Throughout his life, Paschal has continued to study and teach other western musical instruments such as the trumpet, French horn, trombone, tuba, alto saxophone and clarinet in addition to various traditional Ghanaian musical types and instruments. He continues to further his understanding and knowledge of African cultures through performance, teaching and research.

Younge holds a Professional Music Education Diploma from the National Academy of Music, Winneba, Ghana; A Special Advanced Diploma in African Music and Dance with Distinction from the University of Ghana, Legon; Master of Music in Music Education, and Doctor of Education in Curriculum and Instruction from West Virginia University. Younge is a specialist in African choral and brass band music, clinician in sub-Saharan African music and dance, and advocate of multicultural music education. He has presented at international and national festivals and conferences in.

His research interests focus on intercultural and multicultural music education and curricula issues, music and dance performance practices of the Black Atlantic, sub-Saharan Africa: Brass Band and Choral Music, Creative Performance Issues, Dialogue and Interaction in World Percussion Music. His research on the later, “Dialogue and Interaction in World Percussion Music” was presented at the 2006 International Percussion Festival and Workshop in Sacheon, South Korea. The said material is published both in English and Korean in the Festival proceedings to be distributed worldwide. The “Alcate Technique: An Intercultural Pedagogy of Teaching and Understanding African Rhythmic Concepts and Organizational Processes in Drumming” is one of his recently developed intercultural approaches to helping western and classically trained musicians understand African western drumming concepts and procedures.

Dr. Paschal Yao Younge’s remarkable versatility and originality earned the drummer/dancer/composer/author several awards including Marion Anderson/Alvin Ailey Award for Outstanding Achievements in the Arts, Award for Excellence in Scholarship and Outstanding Achievement and Service, Award of Excellence in Service and West Virginia University Division of Music, Award of Excellence in Research.

As an author, his recent publications include: Ghana: Rhythms of the People, Traditional music and dance of the Ewe, Dagbamba, Fante, and Ga people; Mano Efe Dusime, Choral work for Treble Voices; Yeve: Ritual Music and Dance of a Secret Society; Four Choruses from Ghana, Treble Voices with Percussion Accompaniment; Adzogbo Traditional Music of the Ewe; Akpoka Traditional Music of the Ewe; Atibladekame Traditional Music of the Ewe; Gadzo Traditional Music of the Ewe; Babasiko Traditional Music of the Ewe; Atrikpui Traditional Music of the Ewe; Preservation and Transformation of Traditional African Folk Songs for the stage or classroom”. The Talking Drum· Newsletter Issue No.36 • December 2011. ISSN 2071-1968. Network for promoting Intercultural Education through Music (NETIEM) Pan-African Society for Musical Arts Education (PASMAE); Orff in Africa – “The Alcate Technique: Intercultural Pedagogy for Teaching African Drumming and Dance (Dance-Drumming)”. The Talking Drum – Newsletter Issue #35, July 2011. ISSN 2073-3968. Network for promoting Intercultural Education through Music (NETIEM) Pan-African Society for Musical Arts Education (PASMAE), Africa Meets Asia: Multiple Percussion piece for African and Chinese instruments. Chinese Arrangement by Simon Kong Su Leong. Arrangement commissioned by HKCO/World Premier and World Premier by the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, Hong Kong, November 11, 2011 and Music and Dance Traditions of Ghana and a 10-DVD set, Dance-Drumming Ceremonies of Ghana.


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